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Thanks for your interest in SoCalModeling. Before we go on, you should know that:

  • We are a legitimate casting agency: you do not pay us, ever; we're looking for fresh faces that we can match with our producers and photographers. They pay us to find them talent... you just have to send us pictures of yourself so we can show them what they want! Our models have appeared on many web sites and in magazines.
  • Your application and photos are only seen by the employees of SoCalModeling and are shown to producers strictly for their review. They do not receive copies of your information until they are ready to hire you.
  • You may not hear back from us right away but rest assured, your app and photos are going on file. Please give us your most "permanent" email address—we have been known to contact applicants up to a year after they have applied, and it's terrible when we can't reach them because their email addresses no longer work!
  • You will need to have one or more photos (JPEGs preferred) to send with the application. If you don't have photos on your computer that you can send us right now, please come back later when you have them ready. (Since we're all about seeing how you look, it doesn't do you or us any good to receive your app without any idea what you look like!)

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